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1. How do you use the Total Body Suit?

Our advice is to wear it to go to sleep in. After your nightlyshower, with clean skin and without using any creams put on your Yaluronica Total Body Suite. In this way, the skin will be ready to receive the hyaluronic acid and as the days go by, you will start to see the results. Once again in the morning, you may use your usual body nourishing product.

2. What is the hyaluronic acid for?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body and is produced by fibroblasts, which are cells that hydrate dermal tissues, giving them their firmness and elasticity.
Hyaluronic acid is a biopolymer of the glycosaminoglycan family and can be especially found in the dermal intercellular matrix but also in the epidermis. However, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases over time causing skin ageing, wrinkles, and the loss of elasticity.

3. How does hyaluronic acid penetrate deep into the skin?

The hyaluronic acid contained in the Yaluronica® yarn used to make Yaluronica® garments penetrates deep down into the epidermis thanks to its molecular structure. It has been demonstrated that small hyaluronic acid molecules have a significantly higher skin penetration rate than those with higher molecular weight. Moreover, studies have shown that these small molecules can penetrate the skin layers into the dermis, thereby acting from deep down.

4. Is there really gold in Yaluronica® products?

Yes, the fibre fabric used to make Yaluronica® garments contains 24-carat gold nanoparticles (particles of nanometric dimensions). This is the world’s first and only yarn that uses a combination of hyaluronic acid and gold, thereby exploiting the unique properties of this metal.

5. What are the benefits of the gold nanoparticles?

Gold is a precious metal, most stable and biocompatible material. It is used effectively in medical and dermatological applications. In particular, the gold nanoparticles contained in the Yaluronica® yarn used to make Yaluronica® garments have 2 proven activities:
– Serves as a carrier
– Relaxes and prepares the skin tissue to receive hyaluronic acid

In Yaluronica® products, gold nanoparticles convey the hyaluronic acid, allowing it to penetrate into the epidermis for a deeper beneficial effect.

6. Why should I choose Yaluronica® products?

The hyaluronic acid contained in the fabric used to make Yaluronica® garments is often used in many invasive treatments to shape a given part of the body and attenuate blemishes and signs of ageing. The hyaluronic acid and gold nanoparticles they contain allow Yaluronica® garments to ensure a moisturising, antioxidant and shaping effect. Choosing these products rather than undergoing other treatments with hyaluronic acid ensures the following advantages:
– You don’t need to undergo surgery or invasive techniques to inject hyaluronic acid;
– The effect of a filler is often localised in small areas, whereas Yaluronica® garments ensure a deep, continuous, and widespread activity.
– The Yaluronica® yarn naturally boosts the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid, thereby moisturising and rejuvenating it. All this ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.

7. What happens if I stop using these products?

If you forget to wear Yaluronica® garments or suspend the treatment, you will still notice the effect over time. The hyaluronic acid and gold nanoparticles in the fabric stimulate the production of collagen, which is naturally present in the human body. Tests and studies have shown that this collagen production boosting effect induced by Yaluronica® garments continues even 4 days after suspending the treatment, and the skin continues to be considerably hydrated.

8. When can I use Yaluronica® products?

There is no time limit, at night or during the daytime, when you wear in your moments of sport or relax.

9. Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side-effects. Tests performed have demonstrated that Yaluronica® products are safe and do not cause allergic reactions. The hyaluronic acid contained, in addition, has no side effects or contraindication.

10. Are the products rechargeable with special devices?

Compared to products on the market containing active substances in microcapsules that once exhausted must be refilled with spray, for Yaluronica garments every strand of its texture is completely covered by gold and hyaluronic acid, as you can see in the photographs under the digital microscope reported in the FIBRE section.

11. Can I wash Yaluronica® products in the washing machine?

Yes, our clothes can be machine-washed at low temperature with Gentle program. The yarn remains unchanged over time; the moisturizing effect, however, resists up to about 4 months of use, if the garment is properly washed as instructed. It is recommended to wash the garment alone separately from others.

12. When does the effect wears out?

Yaluronica does not have a deadline, but the decay of the active ingredient depends on how often you wear your garment. When this principle is exhausted in the yarn, you will feel the garment less soft and fresh, so you will notice that your texture will return to be dry and wrinkled.

13. Is the yaluronic total body suit useful for post pregnancy hydration?

Moisturizing the body well is essential, even more so during the months following the childbirth.
After the birth of the baby, the skin of the body often appears relaxed, less toned and especially drier. All this is due to the drop of hormones, post pregnancy, in the blood. Added to this the fact that the skin of the body dries faster than of the face … But you can easily find a remedy! In addition to the right firming and moisturizing products formulated for post-partum, the Yaluronica Total Body Suit will help you find optimal hydration as well as fight cellulite. Your skin will quickly regain the strength and elasticity lost.
The hydration, essential for the well-being of the body, is even more fundamental during breastfeeding. In fact, this phase requires an increase in the daily water requirement of about 30%.
In the first 6 months, the woman produces up to 800-1000 ml of milk per day and water represents a large portion of this milk.
During the first 6 months of the postpartum period, the maternal body’s requests for water significantly increase, as well as for the production of milk, also for the increase in arterial and venous spraying of the breast tissue, and therefore of the contribution blood that the body must supply with a great deal of energy.
Also in this case, in addition to the advice to drink a lot of water, the Total Body Suit Yaluronica will be very useful to reintegrate the state of hydration and regenerate the epidermis of your body.



Use Yaluronica Total Body Suit on clean skin, after the shower and before going to sleep. Any kind of scrub performed in your beauty center or at home will encourage the absorption of substances contained in the fiber. In the morning you can use your normal hydration or nourishing lotion.


Your total body suit is not thermal, you will not feel colder or hotter. It does not affect body temperature. It can be worn throughout every season, it does not make you sweat, but it actually protects your body from annoying bursts of sweat.


Yaluronica is perfect in summertime, it enhances your suntan. It is also useful after an extended sun exposure by soothing your irritated skin. Your tan will be prolonged because the hydration of your skin is increased.

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L’unico filato al mondo a base di acido ialuronico, una fibra altamente innovativa impiegata nei prodotti della linea Yaluronica®. Questi indumenti non contengono solo acido ialuronico ma anche particolari sostanze igroscopiche (umettanti) che contribuiscono a mantenere la pelle idratata e donano al capo una speciale natura idrofila, offrendo inoltre elasticità e morbidezza e riducendo la comparsa di linee sottili e rughe.

La Fibra dei nostri prodotti

Tutti i prodotti della linea Yaluronica® contengono la rivoluzionaria fibra che, grazie alla presenza di acido ialuronico coadiuvato da nanoparticelle d’oro, è in grado di stimolare la produzione di collagene contrastando così l’azione invecchiante dei radicali liberi e rendendo la pelle più elastica, morbida e compatta.

Perizoma, Slip, Legging, Pantaloncino, Canotta
Fascia collo
Fascia braccio


The Yaluronica fibre, with which all Yaluronica® garments are made, contains hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the skin. This substance is beneficial in terms of skin elasticity and hydration, as the Cosmetology Centre of the University of Ferrara has demonstrated.

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